Stay at all times informed of the financial situation of your SME (and without extra costs)

With real time accounting you have 24/7 insight into your figures. And you know at a glance which invoices are still open. With this solution, your accountant has more time to provide you with valuable advice.



Our platform is used by the self-employed, small and medium companies

Do you use more than one accounting package?
No problem, ONEA works with different packages at the same time.

How does it work?

Reduce your company’s administration to a minimum


You receive or send an invoice? You scan them and forward them immediately.

Do you receive an invoice or did you send an invoice yourself? Our solution allows you to scan it immediately and send it to your accountant.


Your invoices are prepared and forwarded to your accountant


Our software has a smart recognition system and helps your accountant process the documents faster so that they have more time to provide you advice.


Your accountant processes the invoices immediately


As soon as something comes in, your accountant can process your documents immediately. And you are always aware of your financial situation.


What are the advantages?

Proactive advice from your accountant

Thanks to the automatic processing of the documents, your accountant has more time for advice. If your accountant or Bookkeeper has up-to-date information about your organization, he can provide better advice. When you call him with a question, he always has the correct information to hand. He gives you advice based on recent events instead of those from the previous quarter.

Know at a glance which invoices are still outstanding


Thanks to our platform you can see which payments you still have to make and which payments you still have to receive. This gives you a good overview of who still has to pay.

24/7 insight into your numbers

Because bookings are made immediately, you can always follow the situation closely via the web interface of the accounting package so that you will never be confronted with surprises. In this way you can quickly respond to a changing situation and follow everything properly.

Never lose receipts again

Do you also sometimes lose receipts or invoices? It happens to everyone. It entails unnecessary loss of time and stress. This problem is solved by our scan solution. You can now quickly and easily scan your receipt or invoice and send it to your accountant immediately.

Digital archive

Do you need a document from the past? Thanks to our platform you can find it in a mouse click. You will never have to lose more hours searching in covers for a misplaced document. You have a full view of all your documents at all times.Hebt u een document uit het verleden terug nodig?

Easy start with Real-time accounting

You and your accountant can easily start with this solution. Your accountant can use his current supported accounting package and you do not need to install any software. Everything works easily via the web.Uw boekhouder en u kunnen gemakkelijk starten met deze oplossing.

Works seamlessly with Dropbox

Our platform works flawlessly with Dropbox. You can simply place all invoices and receipts in a dropbox folder and our platform processes the invoices and sends them to your bookkeeper or accountant for a final check.

I used to lose continuous receipts that I could no longer bring in as costs because they were lost. Today I upload it directly to the digital archive so that I can enter all my costs.

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Thanks to the approval module, the invoices can be digitally approved.

Geert Van Hemelrijck – A&F Services


ONEA in practice