Process the data of your customers
quick and easy


Finally a good solution to avoid the periodic workload of VAT returns

Thanks to Onea, your customers deliver daily and digitally their invoices. In addition, our software automatically fills in the processing rules for you. You only have to confirm or correct the rules and you’re done!


Our platform integrates with almost every accounting package
on the Belgian and Dutch market

Do you use more than one accounting package?
No problem, Onea works with different packages at the same time

How does it work?

Let Onea do the hard work! This way you can spend your valuable time advising your customers.


Your customer uploads invoices and the invoices are recognized by ONEA

Your customers upload their invoices. They scan their invoices via a simple tool and they do not need to install any software to do this.


Thanks to the Onea software, accounting rules are proposed automatically

Our software and services process the booking of invoices.

The booking rules are automatically created for the incoming invoices.


The accountant / accountant can check the proposed rules for the consolidation before they are implemented.

The accountant / accountant can check the proposed rules for the consolidation before they are implemented.

What are the advantages?

Never search in archives again

In addition to the time you save when processing documents, you will also save time thanks to the digital file. This allows you to find the necessary documents with a mouse click without having to search the archive.

More interesting work for your staff

Finding qualified staff is not easy. Because the processing of documents goes faster, you can take on additional files with the same number of FTEs. In addition, a job in your office also becomes more attractive because more time is left for the advisory role and the interactions with the customer.

You are in control

You remain in control of the entire process. I can check all documents and steps at any time and make adjustments if necessary.

Easily manage your staff shortage

Our system helps with the processing of the various documents by drawing up accounting rules for you. This allows you to outsource work during busier periods and thus compensate for your temporary staff shortage.

Additional services for your customers

Thanks to our platform, your customers can easily track their invoices themselves. Here they can see which of their invoices still have to be paid.

Waarom ONEA kiezen?

Easily integrates with your accounting package

You can continue to work with your favorite accounting package and you and your employees do not have to purchase or learn a new package.

Cemented customer loyalty

Build and maintain a long-term relationship with your customers. Thanks to Onea, your customers get free access to extra services and you have more time to delve deeper into their file.

Avoid periodic busy times

Because your customers deliver their invoices daily, everything can be booked immediately. Moreover, Onea helps you to recognize invoices automatically and proposes processing rules.

Complies with legal requirements. A backup of your digital file is taken daily.

Our customers no longer have to keep the purchase and sales invoices, we have the purchase and sales invoices of our customers more quickly so that we can start VAT returns faster and we have the link of the invoice to every booking, which ensures efficiency at year-end closures and during tax audits.

Pieter De Doncker Partner, A. Schets & Partners

Thanks to the Onea online web tool and the new way of online collaborative accounting, our accountants work better, faster and more efficiently and have more time to give feedback to our customers on how their business is running.

Jos Aelbrecht – Partner – Baker Tilly Belgium

ONEA in practice