Onea’s multilanguage scanning and booking solution for NetSuite, is designed to support your organization with the validation of incoming invoices within your financial cycle – from receiving an invoice, to the automatically scanning of the most important information, until the actual booking.

Upload and scan invoices

Automatic recognition for most important information

Validation service for 100% accuracy

Synchronizes with your NetSuite

Onea for NetSuite to Automate your AP Process

Onea’s multiple languages scanning and booking solution is safe and easy to integrate into your NetSuite, so that you can digitally transform your financial accounting.

Automation allows you to reduce processing times and implements straight-through processing where the incoming invoices are handled without any manual intervention.

Benefits of Onea’s multilanguage scanning and booking solution for NetSuite

Optimize workflow & increase efficiency

Eliminate all unnecessary tasks and processing errors. This way you can spend your precious time on your customers and suppliers.

Streamline your AP operations

Facilitate the execution of tasks and streamlining of your financial processes across multiple locations and business units.

Cut invoice processing costs

Let your financial team work on more important issues by automating hours of low-value admin tasks with our Integrated OCR and validation services.

Measurable performance insights

Measurable performance insights, tailored to the customer requirements (private AP model).

Custom business validation rules

Custom business validation rules ensures data quality.

Maximum transparency & flexibility

Full trace from intake to delivery gives maximum transparency. Multi-channel and Multi standards provide maximum flexibility.

Integrate own application

Our OPEN API model gives you the possibility to integrate your own application.