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Certification program validation center

The purpose of this certification is to provide a project framework for your team to collaborate in the validation process of UnifiedPost Group customers.

What can you expect:

Afbeelding 1
  • Certification program
  • Introduction to the various programs of UnifiedPost Group and targeted training
  • Receive a clear overview of the expected validation tasks
  • Start with an initial evaluation period
  • The UnifiedPost validation engineering team is available for specific questions from your team
  • Specific training courses are given depending on the project / client

Will you become our validation partner?

Types of partner certification


Type 1 Basic header validation

Standard invoice correction,
little or no accounting knowledge needed


Type 2 Advanced business logic

Invoice correction based upon customer specific business rules


Type 3 Junior accountancy validation

Invoice validation with accounting line’s.
Specific business accounting training is needed

What do we expect from our partner

Dedicated team lead

High speed internet access

Bi-Weekly Evaluation

Minimum 2 FTE available daily within agreed contractual time slots

2 factor authentication login for Secured access

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